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Experience has taught our company that quality of product and proper application are crucial to the successful prevention and management of every pest.  Bedbugs, Fleas, Bees, Ants, Rats, Mice, Spiders, Box Elder Beetles, Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles and Cockroaches each have patterns and habits that are unique to species and unique to environment.   We take all of these factors into consideration as we choose the most effective product and the most effective application of the product in our Custom Pest Control Plan for your home or business.


At Peak Pest Management LLC we understand that there are occasions when pest control needs are urgent and need immediate attention.  We always offer a free inspection and can offer same day 24 hour service for those urgent pest control needs.

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Commercial and residential kitchens and homes are susceptible to infestation by cockroaches. Cockroaches are commonly referred to as “roaches.”



Second only to mice in pest control Vancouver, WA, rats are a very common problem for northwest homes.



A long standing cause for concern, mice often have been associated with bacterial illness and cockroaches as a secondary infestation.



A spring and summer concern of all pet owners,  fleas require specialized treatments that are effective but safe for your pets and family.


Yellow Jackets

Social wasps like the yellow jacket can be aggressive towards people and animals. Nest removal and prevention can keep numbers down in populated areas.


Bees & Wasps

Professional extermination or relocation is often required for Wasps and Bees.  Avoid getting stung or possible allergic reactions, call us first!


Carpenter Ants

Dreaded most by home owners and property managers, carpenter ants are wood destroying insects and can over time weaken the structure of your home.


Sugar Ants

Often known as odorous house ants, Sugar ants are commonly found in your kitchen and bathrooms where there is moisture.



Sometimes poisonous, spiders are one of the biggest local concerns we hear about in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.



Structural damage is a major concern when termites are present.  Termites cause billions of dollars in damage annually in the US. Pre-purchase termite inspections can save home buyers a huge headache.


Carpet Beetles

These fabric destroying pests are commonly discovered by the telltale sign of holes in garments, stored fabric, and upholstery.


Bed Bugs

Increasingly common in the northwest and there has been increased demand for Bed bug Pest Control in Portland, OR due to increases in international travel.

Free Inspections

We offer a wide variety of services from a free inspection to a comprehensive pest control plan for various pests including; Fleas, Bees, Ants, Rats, Mice, Spiders, Box Elder Beetles, Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles, Cockroaches and more.  To schedule your free inspection please call Peak Pest Management at


or contact us below:

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More Spiders Indoors | Spider Mating Season

Have you noticed in influx of spiders inside lately?  Well for some species of spider, mating season is here and will continue through October.  Spiders come inside our homes for various reasons: To find a mate To find food Open cracks & crevices Weather...

Bees vs. Wasps | What’s The Difference?

Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, etc.  Are they all one and the same?  Well, in a child’s mind, yes!  Because they all have the ability to fly and sting.  And it’s easier for a little one to yell bee as they run screaming from a pool than take the time to look...

Can I Have Bedbugs if I Keep a Clean House?

Something I hear on a regular basis is this: “I keep a clean home, I have some kind of biting pest, but it couldn’t be bedbugs.” Bedbugs don’t prefer dirty homes.  Bedbugs aren’t even more likely to be a problem in dirty homes, they are however, more likely to be a...

Bees & Wasps Are Out Early!

Well, it’s an early season for the busy bees.  We don’t mind bees so much- generally they don’t bother people!  It’s the wasps, hornets & yellow jackets that are the biggest problem in and around people’s homes (although some bees can be a problem too). We,...

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Peak Pest Management LLC is a local family owned and operated pest control company.  Because we are local to Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington we are familiar with the Pacific Northwest and the unique environmental and pest control issues.

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Peak Pest Management has handled my bug issues the last several years. I love Micah’s integrity, knowledge, taking time to explain options with game plan. I refer him to anyone I know who has these types of needs, he is a hard worker and a trustworthy person, as a single woman I really appreciate this. He always puts my fears to rest and the results have been great. Thank you, Micah

Debi Williams

Recently we had Peak Pest Control treat our home for ants. With the arrival of summer, we had began to see a considerable increase in the number of ants around our home and were concerned that they may become an issue. Micah from Peak Pest Control came out right away and treated the perimeter of our home for ants.  We have small children who often play outside so we were especially pleased that the products used weren’t toxic to children and that it was safe for them to play outside once the application had dried, just a short time after treatment of our home.  Since treatment we haven’t seen any ants anywhere in or around our home.  We are very pleased by the excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff we encountered and found their fees to be very reasonable and competitive compared to other pest companies.  We have seen great results from the service they provided and we will definitely call again when we encounter a pest issue in or around our home.  Thank you for the great service!

D Noble

We live in Lake Oswego in an area prone to ants and also various other bugs.  We had an issue with some box elder beetles and ants in our home.  We called Peak Pest Management and had a guy, Micah, out the next day.  Micah did a great job explaining to me why we had a problem and also exactly what he would do to get rid of the ants and beetles.  We have little boys, so I had a lot of concerns about safety.  Micah took the time to answer all of my questions and I am confident we chose the right company based on customer service and results!

T Davis