Well, it’s an early season for the busy bees.  We don’t mind bees so much- generally they don’t bother people!  It’s the wasps, hornets & yellow jackets that are the biggest problem in and around people’s homes (although some bees can be a problem too). We, at Peak Pest Management like to make sure that our friends and family enjoy a safe and sting free summer (and spring considering what we’ve seen so far).  We’ve seen wasp nests galore and have gotten an early start to our summer pest season.  Maybe it was that stretch of high eighties-low nineties weather we had?  I’m sure not everyone agrees with me, but that was fabulous!

We’ve got our yellow jacket coupon ready to roll, you can snag one here if you’re having the same problem I was (key word here being was, because you better believe I took care of it).  The kids were playing outside in the backyard and kept running inside shrieking about wasps landing in their water (yeah my kids know a bee from a wasp, but one should expect that given my profession).  Sure enough I went outside and looked up at the house, only to see a few nests beginning to to grow up on the eaves.  I quickly took care of the existing problem and then did a took some preventative measures.  You can be sure, what our company does at your house, our company does at our house!  You might think that I hate bugs based on my profession, but the truth is, when I am in their element, I leave them alone!  When they are in mine, not leaving me alone, now that is when I see a reason for pest control measures.

Here at Peak Pest, we choose the best products for the job.  We’d rather use the best product in the right way and get the best results- than choose anything less than the best!  We treat your home like we’d treat our own!