Something I hear on a regular basis is this: “I keep a clean home, I have some kind of biting pest, but it couldn’t be bedbugs.”

Bedbugs don’t prefer dirty homes.  Bedbugs aren’t even more likely to be a problem in dirty homes, they are however, more likely to be a persistent problem in dirty homes.  The reason they can be a persistent problem in a messy home is that bedbugs hide.  If there are a lot of hiding places, like piles of laundry, stacks of paper, any kind of heaps or piles of things, it is easier for them to escape pest control measures taken to exterminate them.  That being said, clean homes can have bedbug infestations.

Doctors, nurses, traveling business professionals, service people who enter homes, police officers, emergency responders, teachers, bus drivers, train conductors, stewardess, pilots, military personel and more can keep a clean home and wind up with a bedbug infestation.  If you work, travel, shop (especially second hand) and/or have guests and otherwise encounter people, you are at risk for a bedbug infestation, even if you maintain a clean home.

Bedbugs are a hitchhiking pest.  Because of this fact, a person with a bedbug infestation at home can take bedbugs with them to any place they go throughout the day.  I have seen bedbugs in dirty inexpensive housing and I have seen bedbugs in huge clean mansions.  Bedbugs are a problem across the board because they do not perfer to live in dirty homes.  It can be harder to get rid of bedbugs in a messy or dirty home because it is harder to make sure that pest control measures reach all of the places where bedbugs are infesting.

There should be no social stigma about bedbugs.  Any person, from any walk of life can have a bedbug infestation in their home regardless of whether their home is clean or dirty, picked up or messy.  Bedbugs aren’t picky pests- they just want to eat and because they feed on (mostly) human blood, any human home is suseptible.