I was chatting with a friend of mine about work and the subject of bedbugs came up.  I am a pest control professional so these kinds of things come up a lot for me.  Anyways, as our conversation went on, I discovered that there is a general lack of knowledge on the topic of bedbugs.  After our conversation, I decided to do a little research and in my research I found that there is quite a bit of misinformation on the internet.  The cool thing about the internet is that you can get tons and tons of information.  The downside?  Anyone can post whatever they want on the internet.  So with all things you read– fact check. That being said, one of my go-to-fact-checking-sites has misinformation about bedbugs.  The site states the number one most commonly believed myth: Bedbugs are no longer a problem in the United States.

There was a time when bedbugs were nearly unheard of here.  That time has come and gone.  Bedbugs are back and they are on the rise, big time. Urban Entomologists speculate that there are many causes to the rise in bedbug infestations.  Stricter pest control laws have banned some of the products that have worked on bedbugs in the past.  As well, some of the products that used to work no longer work.  Couple those factors with increase in travel to places where bedbugs are rampant and increase in travel in general, among other things and we have the perfect storm for the reintroduction of bedbugs as a pest here in the states.  These factors have all been in play for quite some time and the reintroduction of bedbugs as a pest coupled with the misinformation has created a widespread bedbug problem across the United States.

Some commonly accepted myths about bedbugs include:

  • Bedbugs are not real
  • Bedbugs only infest beds
  • Bedbugs are only found in dirty homes and hotels
  • Bedbugs are no longer a problem in the United States
  • If I get rid of my bed, the problem is solved
  • If I keep a clean home, I will never get bedbugs
  • If I don’t put my suitcase on a bed in a hotel, I will not bring home bedbugs
  • If I stay in expensive hotels, I will not ever encounter bedbugs
  • Only poor people have bedbugs

I have heard or read all of these statements and every single one is a myth.  In the future I will try to address each of these myths and make sure to get the word out that bedbugs are here, they are a problem, anyone can get them and the infestation goes further than the bed (furniture, walls, side tables, etc).  If you suspect you are having a problem with bedbugs gives us, here at Peak Pest Management, a call and we will help you out.  We have affordable pest control services that work.