Generally speaking bees are a very beneficial insect.  Bees help with pollination, they make honey (honey bees- not all bees) and most of the time they are not a problem.  A pest control professionals definition of a bee is different than the general population.  We have to be able to differentiate between types of bees and wasps.  Bees in general only become a problem when they are nesting in large numbers around homes, or when they actually build nests inside of a structure (home, business, outbuildings, etc). Wasps however, are a very common pest issue.

Yellow Jackets, Wasps and Hornets are a pest to have around.  These insects are often grouped in to the category of “bees” because they fly and they sting.  Wasps are not typically helpful with pollination, they don’t make honey and they tend to be more aggressive.  Have you ever experienced a few “bees” buzzing around your picnic food and even stinging somewhat unprovoked?  Chances are you’re not dealing with bees.  You’re probably dealing with yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are a wasp and they are drawn to human foods.  They sting and bite.  Not only that, but because they buzz around garbage cans and land in less than sanitary places- a sting from a yellow jacket can lead to an infection.

Pest Control measures can be taken to reduce the number of bees/wasps nesting on your home.  If your backyard has so many “bees” that your kids would rather be indoors playing than in a pool in the yard when it’s hot, it’s a problem.  Pest control service for bees and wasps is often more affordable than all of the diy efforts, and it is often a more thorough solution.

If you’re experiencing too many stinging things, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you get rid of bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets.